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Hello, I’m Amit Gade, a skilled photographer from Pune, Maharashtra. I’m eager to share my captivating photo portfolio with you and optimistic that it will strike a chord. I’m excited about the possibility of collaborating to create something truly extraordinary together!

Established in 2011, Amit Art & Photography in Nanded Phata, Pune, is a prominent name among Commercial Photographers. A well-established hub, it caters to a diverse clientele locally and from different parts of Pune. With a strong industry presence, the business prioritizes customer satisfaction alongside the quality of their services, leading to a growing and substantial customer base.

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Where magic is happening My Studio

Welcome to the ideal space where I harness the interplay of lights and shadows to craft extraordinary visuals. My photo studio, situated in Nanded Phata, Pune 411041, serves as a collaborative haven for conceptualizing and producing exceptional photo portfolios. Here, we engage in thoughtful discussions and work within a welcoming and professional environment to capture your moments with precision and artistry.

How does this happen Processing

Here, I’d like to demonstrate the photo processing journey. Often, the impact of enhancements is best understood through direct comparisons. I’ll present a side-by-side view of a photo before and after processing, showcasing retouching, background noise removal, and enhanced color brightness.


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